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ARE V6 Matahina

V6 Matahina: Win More Races

The ARE V6 Matahina has an unsurpassed racing record and can quickly raise the level of performance of your club’s 6-man team. The V6 wins major outrigger races in Tahiti, Hawaii and Australia and is growing in popularity in New Zealand and the U.S. This fast, sleek canoe pierces through challenging ocean waters, leaving other canoes in its wake. It is a welcome addition to any club with a racing team that aspires to build a winning tradition. See the V6 in action—in races!



V 1: Be at 1

The ARE V1 is the ultimate one-man, rudderless canoe. Its smooth glide and responsive steering give you the feeling of being “at one” with the water. Not having a rudder gives paddlers a sense of challenge and mastery. The V1 is ideal for smooth waters, but skilled paddlers don’t stop there. This canoe best prepares single paddlers for a spot on a 6-man Matahina.



OC 1: Raising the Standard

The OC1 is the standard outrigger for recreational paddlers who want a canoe that is especially easy to learn. It is the most popular canoe in the South Pacific. One can get up to speed on an OC1 in no time and experience an almost instant level of satisfaction. But our ARE OC1 is anything but standard — a fast and highly responsive canoe that can hold its own on calm or rough waters.