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Acceleration Meets Exhilaration

At ARE Tahiti, we’re steered by a mission — to make outrigging faster and more fun, for more and more paddlers. That’s our steadfast commitment. We believe paddlers can enjoy the experience of outrigging even more in a canoe that amplifies this enjoyment. That goes for paddlers at all levels — whether your team wants to win more races or you just want to be the best paddler you can be; whether your goal is to experience the pure joy of participation or revel in the ultimate thrill of victory.

Inspired by a Tradition of Competition


ARE Tahiti was built on the time-honored tradition of Tahitian paddling and inspired by the competitive spirit of two men – Yvon Faaite, an expert paddler, and Baptiste Gossein, a former professional windsurfer. They decided to channel their indelible quest for precision and performance into a canoe that could bridge Tahiti’s proud past with a performance-enhanced future. ARE Tahiti was born. The va’a, or outrigger, has long been a mainstay in Polynesia and is Tahiti’s #1 sport. The company’s vision is that its popularity will grow – worldwide.