They’re here—ARE Tahiti OC1 outriggers! These OC1s have an upgraded, streamlined designed for high-performance paddling. And they are now available for sale or to demo through ARE Tahiti’s exclusive U.S. distributor, ARE Outrigger World, Newport Beach. 

The new OC1 takes ruddered canoes to a whole new level—the first ruddered canoes to meet the rigorous standards of Tahitian paddlers. And Tahitians have been paddling canoes without rudders for centuries! ARE Tahiti, known for its V1 rudderless and V6 Matahina racing canoes, added the OC1 to its fleet by popular demand. OC1s have since become a mainstay in the rough waters of Tahiti because of their balance, smooth glide, and responsiveness—not to mention speed, something Tahitian racers demand!

“This is the first time ARE Tahiti OC1s have been sold in the U.S.,” says a beaming Justin Feesago, of ARE Outrigger World. “I believe this will usher in a new era in paddling here in the U.S.”

Justin Feesago

Test the waters

Southern California paddlers will now be able to get a feel for the unparalleled quality and high-performance and of these fine Tahitian OC1s—and of the respected ARE Tahiti brand. And they are welcome to test them out.  

“Paddlers will love the new ARE Tahiti OC1s!” says Feesago, “and I encourage them to try them out and see what a great paddling experience they’ll have.” 

Justin Feesago

To give the OC1 a test spin in the Newport Harbor, call an ARE Outrigger World representative now and schedule a demo date.

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